Malmö Soup Plate


The presented soup plate with a diameter of 19 cm is intended for serving soups and pasta.                                                                          Malmö Soup Plate will catch the eye of every guest and give the whole tableware a modern character.                                                              Hand-made stoneware plate made of dark brown ceramic mass. Perfect for salads, desserts, soups,                                                            smoothies or buddha bowl.

Our offer also includes a dinner set from Malmö collection.


Dimensions: ø 19 cm / 7 cm h

Filling Capacity: 400 ml

Material: Vitrified Stoneware, fired at 1210 °C.

Color: Dark Green with the addition of bronze and shade of blue

Note: Placement of the dots on the plate may vary slightly as it is handmade

• Scratch resistant

• Microwave safe

• Dishwasher safe but we recommend lower washing temperature

• The plate is not glazed on the underside

Note! As pieces are 100% made by hand and by nature, slight variations will occur.

All items are carefully and eco-friendly packed. We try to limit as much as we can plastic material for packing

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